Face Must Haves!!!!

Hey Ladies! Here is the second part of a three part series about my makeup must haves! Today I am talking about my favorite concealers, foundations, moisturizers and more! I have tried a ton of different products over the years and finally feel like I’ve found some great products! Younique!!!  I love all of these items below!!!!

1. Primer, Concealer, Foundation, Powder, Bronzer!!!
These are my favorites! I use all of them for different reasons.  These products give me the matted coverage that I LOVE!
(From left to right.)
Glorious Face and Eye Primer
This stuff is amazing! I’ve never understood the purpose of a primer and never felt the need to use one. I use this when I’m really getting ready. Like for Date Night, or Girls Night Out, something where I am actually putting energy into getting ready. LOL Which is not a daily occurrence for me (or most stay-at-home moms, right?!). I always pair this with my Mineral Touch foundation (linked below). This primer just smoothes out your face and makes everything silky smooth.
 Mineral Touch Foundation
This foundation is beautiful! Seriously the best. I get so many comments about my “smooth skin” when I’m wearing this foundation. But it isn’t really that my skin is super smooth. It’s just the magical combination of the above primer and this foundation that does the trick! BOOM!! I have rosy cheeks and splotchy areas (not to mention some scars from acne! UGH) and sometimes I like my rosy cheeks to be exposed, and sometimes I like to cover it up for a clear, clean face.
This is full coverage concealer. I wear this to cover up dark spots, acne, etc. I really like this full coverage concealer because it’s still very creamy and easy to apply. I HATE when concealers are thick and hard to rub in.
Mineral Touch Cream Foundation
I love this cream foundation because it actually covers little blemishes and hides uneven skin tones. I don’t like powders that are super light because I’m like, “what’s the point?!” and then I’m reapplying it 5 times a day. I love this product and wear it under my beachfront bronzer everyday and never feel the need to reapply.
Beachfront Bronzer
I love this bronzer! I have to be careful with bronzer because I can get overly excited about it and apply too much. Leaving my face looking kinda “muddy”. Which is not the look I’m going for! LOL I’m not big into contouring (but Younique’s new Contouring Set is a must have!!!) but if I want to add a little color to my neck or cheek (especially when I’m ghost-white), I use this bronzer.
Younique also is your one stop shop for all your makeup application tools!!!  The blending bulbs and brush sets are my FAVORITES!!!!!
Would love to know your favorite products! Let me know if you try any of these out and what you think. Makeup is so much fun! I kinda can’t wait for Brylee to steal my makeup 😉

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